About the Museum

The Museum

Guru Kahan Art Museum At

Swadhyay Mandir Complex, Songadh

The Guru Kahan Art Museum is a tribute to the life of our beloved Pujya Gurudev Shree Kanjiswami. Inaugurated in 2018, the museum houses various paintings and sculptures by top contemporary artists from around the world. Each of these works of arts are inspired by the life and teachings of Gurudevshree. They vast wealth of knowledge from our scriptures and books are now available in a graphical and artistic form leaving greater impact to those seeking divinity.

The Museum was inaugurated on 16th April 2018, by The Trustees of Shree Digamber Jain Swadhyay Mandir, Songadh and Shree Kundkund-Kahan Parmarthik Trust, Mumbai.
Since then, thousands of devotees have visited the museum and marveled at the beauty and detailing of each of the paintings and sculptures.

The Exhibits of the museum are also available on this website for the benefit of those who cannot immediately visit it. Visit our Exhibits Section for more details.